• $12.00

If you were dying to get some new hardcore content to test your mettle in Shadowlands – you may wait no further. Tower of the Damned, already a fairly hard section at the close of this DLC, has become even harder with this new challenge mode.

You, alongside your party, will have to go through 18 levels of difficulty, each containing 8 rooms. In each one, you’ll require teamwork and skill to destroy the angry inhabitants of Torghast. Naturally, each time the enemies are going to be tankier and more fearsome.

But at the same time, after each 24 rooms, you’ll be able to change your strategy, weapons and power-ups a bit. That’s also when you can buy a temporary buff to increase your parameters. This will cost you some Phantasma – a local currency earned for vanquishing foes inside the Tower.

You can pick one of the buffs to improve select parameters, but you can only buy them from merchants, and they only live in specific safe hubs in-between the levels. This is also the place where you can reconsider your strategy if your initial one didn’t work or you’ve met enemies that completely wipe the floor with you.

Obviously, the gamemode is very grueling, but the rewards are also substantial. Not to mention that, if you complete it at least once, it is considered a great honor. It’s possible to go through the mode several times – each new completion course being called a ‘Layer’. The rewards will be greater each new time.

If you don’t want to suffer, however, you can delegate this ordeal to someone else and just claim the rewards afterwards.If you

  • Have full level in Shadowlands
  • Have 200 levels in total
  • Reached Maw
  • Reached Twisted Corridors
  • Reached the Layer you need completed

Then you are eligible for the service. Right now, the rewards for completing various Layers include a pet, a toy, a title, and a mount.