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  • $17.00

If you don’t want to complete Torghast yourself, you can delegate it to us. Here’s what you might want to know before purchasing:

  • You can order a full completion of any level on the Tower by one of the experienced players that were in this business for a long time, and, thus, have our trust;
  • After the ordeal is complete, you’ll receive a bundle of Soul Ash, as a reward for going through the level;
  • Thanks to your new supply of Ash, you’ll be able to forge a custom set of rare armor;
  • There are trophies associated with these levels – after the completion you’ll get all those associated with the level;
  • Everything that enters your inventory during the run will stay there afterwards, including items, money and resources;
  • The run you buy is completely clean – no algorithms or other programs that may accelerate the process;
  • You can monitor the process by requesting that we regularly take pictures of the game or even broadcast the entire run from start to end;
  • We’ll ‘travel’ to your country via VPN, so that no one could suspect you of buying this service;
  • The service is either self-play or pilot – your choice;
  • The usual run lasts for ~3 hours;
  • If your SL level isn’t high enough, you can ask us to boost it for you;
  • AVAILABLE SERVERS: Europe, America & Russia

Here is a list of services we provide:

  • Pilot run. It’s a classic offer – you provide an account, request on of the Layers (levels) to be cleared, and one of our specialists does just that. It’s a completely safe process – you can check the reviews to see that account stealing isn’t our cup of tea. But to make sure the account is not banned immediately, we’ll use VPN;
  • Self-play run. It’s a safer and a more engaging way, for sure. You don’t need to delegate your account – instead, we’ll assemble a team of high-level seasoned players to guide you. You’ll have to follow the instructions, although the team can do most of the work themselves;
  • Unlock the Tower of Damned. In case you haven’t reached it yet, we can help by completing the associated quest;
  • Unlock the Twisting Corridors. The same service as the one before, although this one can take a bit more time;
  • Unlocking all the preceding Layers. If the Layer you want completed (say, Layer 8) isn’t yet unlocked by you (say, you’re on 4) – then we’ll complete 5, 6, 7 and 8 one after the other. The costs will add up;
  • Recomplete the Layer. You can ask us to complete the Layer again, but in the different Wing

Before purchasing the service, make sure to:

  • Achieve maximum character level;
  • Achieve level item of 155 for early and mid Layers;
  • Achieve level item of 175 for 7+ Layers

Soul Ash rewards:

This resource can be earned by completing Layers in Torghast. You can’t receive it more than just once a week, although if you progress too far and complete a lot of levels in just one week, you’ll be able to rip the rewards for all of them. You’ll just have to complete the highest level you have available on a new week.

As a result, you’ll get rewards for competing this Layer + all the Ash you didn’t get from the levels between this one and the one you previously got Ash from.

Why complete Torghast, anyway?

This location can be accessed in the very end of the Shadowlands expansion. This place imprisons many murderous spirits – that’s what gives this Tower its aesthetic. The main reward for completing each of the levels is Soul Ash. It’s desirable by many players precisely because you can redeem it for a set of very rare and powerful armor.

The amount of Ash you get from the levels on General Wings differs based on how prolonged the Layer has been and how many Layers you’ve completed before acquiring a weekly Ash bonus.

Once you have enough of it, you’ll be able to get one from a specific character. You’ll need a lot of Ash to get yourself this armor. Thankfully, you can replay the Tower indefinitely until you have just the right amount. A lot of content, a proper challenge and a reward for suffering through it all – what else can you ask for?

From the technical point-of-view, every run is a dungeon. It’s a set of rooms that can be cleared on your own or in a party of several friends. Every time you try a Layer, it’ll be organized differently, the foes will change, and only a handful of things will be just as before – all of it creates great potential for replayability.

There is also a challenge mode, and it can bring you several unique rewards.

The usual Torghast inhabitants can’t be simply brute-forced, they are advanced enemies. Some have very powerful spells and buffs, and you may want to learn about their characteristics if any hope of clearing the levels is to be had. You’ll need to come up with a good strategy, because every one of them will have to perish.

Fortunately, you aren’t racing against time – you can dump as much of your day as you want into beating these monsters. That said, you won’t be able to die as much as you want. You can only die thrice, although the limit can be extended to as much as eleven if you have your friends with you.

If you die too much, you’ll get a visit from Tarragrue. It’s a big mean undead mob that spawns at the entrance of the Layer if it detects too much death in the area. You might want to hurry up on that note – because he’ll start following your steps right away. When he sees you, you’ll be in for a very hard battle.

Eventually, you’re bound to awaken him. A common logic is to progress as far as possible before your death limit is reached and then reach the exit before the monster reaches you.

You can replay the Layers as much as you want, but the Soul Ash can be recovered only on the first successful completion. Moreover, you can only get as much as 100 Soul Ash weekly – so avoid going through too many levels in one week. In general, getting the most Ash in the shortest span of time (which is the main goal of this Tower) requires some planning.

Because rewards can only be received weekly, you can be stuck in this ordeal for more than necessary or overexert yourself without any real benefit at the moment. Learn how much Ash you can get from every run and see what course of action is most beneficial. We’ll be more than happy to help you follow this course or complete your plan for you.

We are more than capable of ripping all available rewards on your behalf or of guiding you through the Tower Layers. Once we’ve completed the Layer, you’ll be able to replay it for your own leisure at any time.

Just know that, although this service will accelerate the process of accumulating Ash, it may still take several weeks if your order includes covering several Layers.