Raider.IO score boost

How to increase wow score? is made by a group of people during the period of Legion expansion. With a help of it you can see a rating that Blizzard website doesn’t give as understandable as does. It’s popular thanks to the score it gives to every user and hero in the game.

The level of your score depends on the amount of Mythic+ dungeons you’ve completed and the difficulty you’ve done it. That’s how you can boost a score, just play more with a harder difficulty.

The reason you should try to get the highest possible score is that this’s used to estimate your hero’s progression among other people. Also, it gives you an opportunity to play with allies you want anytime you want.

You can raise your raider io mythic plus score by following these tips:

  • Run your key earlier in the week, because Blizzard counts the top 500 keys;
  • To achieve 1 thousand score, a user should run all ten dungeons at a ten difficulty timely;
  • Be good at the game. Make sure you know the strategy, the comp and your role for each run.

Why is this score so necessary?

Every player of WoW will tell you that it’s impossible to enjoy a content fully without a high raider io score. You simply won’t be able to play with top players and you won’t find a nice team to play Mythic+.

Trying to increase a score is possible, but it’s way too hard. An Easy Key boost can do it instead of you, so only in one week you’ll enjoy your playing without being nervous. Also, a boost raider io score can save your time, which you can spend on other things.

The way it works

This boost is similar to Mythic+ boosts, but the prices are packaged together, as the number of dungeons our team has to complete is large.

Other way you can buy a particular Mythic+ dungeon boost. Just look through our services and contact with our team on Discord any time you want.