WOW mythic dungeon boosting

What is a Mythic+ dungeon?

The Mythic+ Dungeon is a new mode where 5 users have to finish their route before the clock ticks. You can try three difficulties: Normal, Heroic and Mythic. The hardest difficulty, which keeps getting harder and harder every time, is Mythic+. But if it looks like something unreal, you can always ask for a WoW mythic plus boost.

People, who have tried WoW in Warlords of Draenor, will find Mythic+ same to the Challenger mode. But the main difference is that players have more time to complete the game. It’s made for users to concentrate not only on their speed, but also on the quality.

Mythic+ dungeons have different levels, so the third one will be harder than the second one, but easier than the fifth level. The highest difficulty of the dungeon is the 15th one.

If you see an alert ‘Mythic+ 10’ then you’re using a Keystone of the 10th level. So the difficulty is increased by a factor of 10 than in the Mythic game. Also every week each player gets a prize which depends on the result of user’s success. Read below to find out more information about The Mythic+ Dungeon system and the benefits of buying WoW mythic 10 and 15 boost from our team.

How to complete The Mythic+ Dungeon?

To have an opportunity to try a Mythic+ system you should have a Mythic Keystone which you can get these ways:

  • To murder the final boss in a Mythic +0 dungeon;
  • To come together with a member which has got this keystone;
  • To receive a keystone from Grand Challenger’s Bounty, after taking part in Mythic+ Dungeon.

Also before starting the dungeon users should bring a tank, a healer and 3 DPS. Players must remember that they can’t change the members of the team after the route has begun. In case someone is disconnected or left, the dungeon has to be reset. The whole team must be inside of the dungeon before the Keystone is activated.

To exchange a gear or talent you should leave the dungeon and then come back.

The difficulty of the dungeon depends on the level of a keystone. The higher it is, the more difficult a dungeon is. If you have this Keystone, you can play the run as many times as you want. After the route is done, you will always receive loots, even if you have completed this dungeon before.

There’re some combat resurrections. When a player starts the dungeon he has one charge, but every ten minutes he gets one more. Charge is used when a user takes a resurrection, other way he can cancel it. The biggest amount of charges that can be saved is 5.

You must remember that every time someone from your team dies, there’s a punishment of removing 5 seconds from the timer, so the chance to get the best prize in the end of the dungeon is lower.

Mythic+ Affixes influence on how your opponents will behave in the dungeon. They can appear in the easiest difficulty of the game. These Affixes change every week, and each user who achieves a Level 10 of the dungeon has the same affixes.

When you complete the dungeon, you get some prizes, which depend on how you did the game:

  • Players who finish their route in time receive a higher-level Keystone of a haphazard dungeon, Artifact Power with 3 pieces of loot which are suitable to their class.
  • Users who finish their route after the clock ticks receive Artifact Power with 2 pieces of loot which depend on their class. They will have a Keystone of a random dungeon which is one level lower.
  • For those who can’t complete the route there’s nothing besides a Keystone of the same dungeon, but one level lower than the previous one.
  • Every player who’s successfully finished the dungeon has an opportunity to use a Bonus Roll.

But how to know what will be an upgrade of your Keystone in case you have completed a dungeon in time?

  • If there’s less than 20% of time left, you’ll get a +1 upgrade;
  • Between 20% and 40% you will receive +2 upgrade;
  • More than 40% is left results +3 upgrade.

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