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If you want to get the best gear, you should not only complete the dungeons, but do it in a certain time period and with an increased difficulty. You will do it much faster with a team, full of specialists that know how it should be done. If you buy mythic key boost, our team will help you in these runs, so you will be able to do them very fast and effectively. Carry makes the run much more fun and productive, so you won’t need to lose your time for this. In the end you will get more gold, better loot and a good gear score with our help. These things will help you to join a guild. Of course, after some practice, you will be able to organize runs like these totally by yourself.

What is our offer?

A certain number of Mythic + runs at a certain Keystone level. We use our own keystones, but we need some time to farm them. You will save loot you receive (equipment, gold, reputation, etc.) This includes mounts. It should be borne in mind that equipment level depends on the dungeon that you did the week before.

You may choose the instance yourself. Consider that it may take up to three days for our team to find a key for a particular dungeon.

You may play your own character with the help of the team we provide. You need to understand that your character must have enough damage in order to complete higher level instance on time. If your DPS is not enough, then it will be completed in without timer mode, which is why the reward for it will differ from the declared one.

Controlling your character. You may not be present during the run at all, because our player will play from your account. You can watch the process on stream.

Loot traders. If you decide to bring some loot traders, it will increase the chances of getting better equipment after the end. If you include them, you should know that our service comprises tradeable items that they get.

What is our job

We will try to farm a key as fast as we can. If we talk about keys below level 11, then you will need to wait about an hour. Most often, we can start after half of an hour after receiving the payment.

Our team will get keys of level 13-15 within 2 hours (usually it takes about 20 mins). Getting 16+ keys may take 24 hours. If you choose Specific Mythic dungeons, you need to understand that it is quite difficult to get the keys for them, that’s why the wait can take up to three days. In any case, the run will start exactly at the time we’ve set. We will try to finish it as early as possible, but if you have not ordered the option of completing by timer, then we can’t guarantee that we will finish it in the allotted time.

You can either control the character yourself, or provide us with the access to it. It means you will need to give us your username and password. We promise to keep all your information safe and not to use it for our own goals.

What should you know if you want to buy mythic key boost

  • We go for an instance below level 12 in approximately 60 minutes after receiving the payment.
  • To find a 13-15 key we need approximately 2 hours.
  • To get a 16+ key we need 1 day (most of the time it takes 15-20 hours).
  • If you want to play with some loot traders, the time of waiting will increase, because we have to find players with all the needed classes.
  • You should know that we may need up to 3 days to find a key for Specific dungeons.


If you buy Mythic key boost and complete it, you will get:

  • Loot (up to 2 different items that you can get in the end).
  • Weekly chest. There are a lot of different tables that show the level of items received, depending on your last week run.
  • Achievements, such as: Keystone Initiate, Keystone Challenger.
  • Achievements for completing specific Mythic dungeon, such as: Mythic: Necrotic wake, Plaguefall, Theater of Pain, etc.
  • Unique epic mount for finishing instances on 15+ level.

What is required

Hero level 60+. You can either use one of our guides to get it or do it by yourself. It requires item level 170+ and 3k+ DPS to do the 14+ instance on time. So you should buy mythic key boost only after achieving these goals.

What you need to know

Mythic+ dungeons were presented during the Legion expansion. They replaced old challenge mode system. This innovation helped to make instances more valuable.

Instances have a division into levels. You must first obtain the Mythic Keystone to enter them. It can be improved by completing the run within a certain period. High Keystone level allows to get more great equipment but it also increases the difficulty.

In the last add-on, dungeons are used to continue improving heroes after completion of the main quests. Once the hero is fully dressed in the high-level Mythic+ gear, you can start doing Heroic raids. You should know that all the instances in this expansion have a Mythic + difficulty level.