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Mythic dungeons boost

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Get your EU Mythic Dungeons Carry right now

Mythic Dungeons Carry is a boost service, aimed at providing all the customers and active players of WoW Shadowlands Mythic +0 mode dungeons.

Available customisation

For those players, who buy mythic dungeons boost, there are some options available. So one can pick:

  • Whether using the boost in Selfplayed mode, or choose account sharing (login and password required).
  • You’re to decide whether it would be Alliance or Horde side.
  • Buy any number of boosts that you wish, with no restrictions and limits.

What’s inside the boost pack?

Right after purchasing this boost, you can easily get:

  • Increasing Personal loot ilvl up to 184.
  • 1 - 10  Achievements of Mythic Dungeon.

Number of Mythic Dungeons that a player can get, depends on the option that he picks up while making order. Available variants are:

  1. Any specific dungeon at player’s choice.
  2. 10 Mythic Dungeons available.

What’s required?

There are only 2 requires for those, willing to buy mythic dungeons boost. First one concerning having an active account with the latest expansion installed (Shadowlands).

Another requirement deals with having a character with minimal level of 60, so the boost could be used. Otherwise, purchasing of this boost would be useless.

Also, players should understand that they are traded the loot, which only matches their character’s class and specification. All chances for getting loot are completely random, even though you purchase extra stuff. In terms of loot this boost pack gives no guarantee, as it is simply impossible.