Stygia Farming

  • $20.00

Our service is just a perfect place for any gamer to purchase Farming Boost for World Of Warcraft Stygia. For a moment, we only work with Maw, boosting it up to the 3rd level. But this is a temporary occurrence, and later things are going to change. But now the situation is that Maw farming to levels 4 higher seems not only to be non-efficient but in some situations even counterproductive.

What can this boost give to a player?

As we start to work, we analyze your current situations:

  • Gear level;
  • Class;
  • Spec;
  • Additional preferences.

Then, according to this information, we find out which exact boosting would be faster: farming Stygia, completing quests (daily or world ones), or killing rare mobs.

Our job is done as only a gamer gets exactly the amount of Stygia, that was chosen before the order. Important, that in the case during the farming process we lose some Stygia, all the losses would then be regained. So with this, the buyer gets exactly the amount that he paid for.

The ETA for this exact service is a variable figure. It depends on the current amount of Stygia.

Our job is done only with the help of our specialist’s hands. This means that we never use anyways to automate the process, like bots or special cheating software. If you want to see it yourself – we can prove it either by giving screenshots throughout the process or even organize online streaming, where you can see the whole farming process and everything we do in the game from your hero’s perspective

We work with your account boosting while playing in Icon 16х15 Piloted Mode. Our team plays for you and does everything, which is needed to get the required amount of Stygia. The process can be followed in the online stream, which is organized via a stable and reliable VPN from your country.

Using our service requires at least 150 item level. If it’s lower – you can additionally boost it with our Full Gear service.