Profession leveling

  • $79.00

Our service is an excellent chance for any player to purchase a boost for World Of Warcraft. Here's the offer, dealing with boosting any of your picked professions from the 1st 175th just at once, without wasting much time on manual gold farming and earning important resources.

Offer overview

The standard variant of this boost deals with getting maximally possible level of any chosen by player profession. We are here to help you getting the picked profession. We do it with the help of farming the gold and resources like reagents, which are needed for that particular one.

If you purchase the production profession leveling we can offer a bonus. As a part of this offer, you would get a related additional Gathering profession. For example, in case you pick Alchemy as a boosted profession, also as a bonus you’re to receive Herbalism.

This bonus doesn’t work if you activate the option “Use my materials”. In such a case we are going to use your own resources like gold or reagents to help you get the desired profession. This option is available to activate only for the Production Profession variant.

Depending on the profession chosen, the boost process can take some time, usually, it’s in between 7 and 10 days.

Boosting is done only manually, without any software or automatic bots. At any time, you can request to prove it, either with screenshots or with an online stream of the process.

If you pick the Enchanting or Tailoring profession, as the ones to boost, the booster would himself choose the Gathering. This is because those abovementioned professions don’t have any supporting ones. So, all the farmed resources of that particular profession would be placed on the auction and sold.

In case you don’t have any additional free slots to place the bonus profession, the booster would farm and free it on another character, having 110 lvl. It can be any of those, having the same realm as requested.

The booster would farm everything important to perform the task: gold or reagents. All the unnecessary ones would be put on the auction and sold out. All the gold resources would be spent to buy the needed reagents for the profession picked in the order.

For the sake of selling the unimportant reagents on the auction, we will make the new character on the same account. This character would be in the very same realm as the one, placed in order.

What’s required?

If you are going to order and purchase a Production profession, you should have at least one free additional slot. This one would be used for a bonus Gathering profession.

Also, the boosted character should have at least 60 level. In case this requirement can’t be fulfilled – you can always use our additional Powerleveling option.

To perform your order, we only need a login and password from your account. We never ask to tell the secret question, answer to it, your e-mail and password. So with this, your account still remains safe and secured and no one can steal it.