Mythic Keystone Upgrade

  • $5.00

Get a fast and reliable upgrade of your Mythic Keystone with our service. We are here to provide you a guaranteed upgrade in the fastest possible time.

What’s included?

First of all, our service provides gamers with a vast range of Mythic+ dungeon runs. The exact quantity here is dependent on your choice towards the Mythic Keystone level range. According to the speed of each run’s finishing, it can possibly receive up to 3 levels for a single dungeon.

Also, everything that we have got during the process still remains in the player's possession after. Here we speak about:

  • Farmed gold.
  • Gear level.
  • Reputation earned.
  • Recipes for items.

But if we speak about mounts with a random chance of being dropped – they are unfortunately not present in this offer, as we can’t technically give any guarantee for you to get any of it.

But what we can give for sure is gear, taken from the Great Vault. In this case, the level of the given loot coincides with the highest reached dungeon level, which the gamer used to complete during the whole last week. Also, you can receive even more choices of loot with the help of completing some extra high-level keys.

This boost offers two variants:

  • Self-play. Here gamer can enjoy playing himself, while our service's task changes to providing players with the best possible teammates.
  • Piloted Mode. Here your character is played by one of the members of our staff. Each member – professional gamer with years of experience. In this case, the own player's presence for that time is not necessary. But still, you can follow the process live at any time, via an online video stream.

Also, there’s an additional option. It concerns adding a run on already upgraded Keystone. So our job, in this case, is to boost your Keystone up to the level of pre-selection. Right then – run one extra dungeon on a particular reached level. It is important for upgrading your statistics, so next week, when you play yourself, you would get a higher level item pick. Also, according to your request, this extra dungeon can be completed by activating the timer, so we will try to do it as quickly as possible, for you to get some extra bonuses for speed.

In case loot traders are added to the offer, the service would also leave all the gear you get with your traders.

What’s required?

Unfortunately, the service is technically unavailable if the character is lower than lvl 60. But still, you can use our additional service Powerlevelling, before boosting. It can help you to get a required lvl 60 and right after – use this particular boosting.

If Self-Play Mode was the one you choose to activate, would also need at least 190 item level and more than 5k of average DPS. For those, picking up a Piloted mode – just item level 190.

More about the upgrade

Mythic Keystone is a special pack of items, that are all required in terms of enabling a Mythic+ mode for the next dungeon.

In this mode, the team should fight all the bosses just before expiring a given period of time. If completing this mode is done within a given time period, it increases the number of awards, given to all the team members. This amount also depends on the time, left on the timer for a moment of completing the level.

But anyway, if the dungeon was successfully completed, but when there was no time left on the timer, it wouldn’t cause any additional negative effects, apart from reducing the number of given items. All the party members, in this case, would get a single gear piece and the Keystone with lower level, that it could be if the level would be completed within a timer.

Even an unsuccessful attempt to finish the dungeon would give a Keystone, but it would be at least one level lower than the original one.

Purchasing the service from us gives players a Mythic Keystone, with any chosen level, with all the important achievements, loot, gear to enjoy game progress in the future.