Keystone conqueror

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With this pre-order you can become the first owner of Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror/ Master boost. This particular service would become available only within 2 weeks period. The countdown starts right after releasing WoW Shadowlands.

What’s included in the offer

This offer includes a single run of each dungeon on Keystone, having lvl 10 (for Conqueror boost option) or lvl 15 (for Master variant). It would be completed by our professional gamers strictly within time deadline.

If for a moment of purchasing you have already reached progress in this achievement and you don’t necessarily need to get all the given dungeons, you can manually point out only those you need more.

We can give a reliable guarantee of the achievement only in case you activate option “All dungeons” or manually pick those, you need to get for your own development.

There are 2 options available. You can choose Keystone Conqueror. In this case after the boosting process you would get the next awards:

  • Season 1 Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror achievement.
  • Title “The Sinful”.

In case of picking up Keystone Master option, after the boosting process you will be awarded with:

  • Season 1 Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror achievement.
  • Similar Keystone master achievement.
  • Title “The Sinful”.
  • Sintouched Deathwalker mount.

Both offers include all the useful things, that would be farmed or earned during the boosting process, like gold, reputation, gear or recipes. All of that remains for a player for further use. But if we take mounts with a random chance to drop – these are not included in the offer.

Also, offer has 2 mods, considering the way, boosting would be held.

In the Self-Play mode, you would still play the game yourself, as you usually do it, but the best possible teammates would be picked by our service.

In the Piloted mode player’s presence during the process is not required. One of our teams will play for your picked character during the run. Player can watch the process via online stream at a scheduled time.

Boost process

After purchasing, our specialists would help you to create a correct schedule for your boosting process. Speaking about the amount of time, it wouldn’t take us more than 2 weeks to complete your Keystone Conqueror boost. Keystone master would take a little bit more – up to 3 weeks.

The process will be started at a pre-scheduled time. You would always know the exact time-table. It doesn’t depend on whether you play it yourself in Self-played mode, or just want to enjoy the progress by watching online streams.

What’s required to use this boost service?

First of all, the boosted character should have reached at least lvl 60 by the time of order. But it’s ok if your favorite character doesn’t reach this limit. You can use another service from us, called Powerleveling. It can help you easily get lvl 60 just to meet this requirement.

Another limitation concerns an average item level of your character that is supposed to be boosted. For picking Keystone Conqueror it should be at least 180, and if you picked up a Keystone Master – a little bit higher, 190. Again, if for a moment your level is lower, you can use Full Gear to reach it quicker.

This boost was created mostly for those, having a weak progress of achievement (or even nothing at all).

Each run can be completed during a single in-game week, but it’s not guaranteed. The reason is that at the end of each Mythic dungeon, keys are dropped randomly. So it may happen, that our professional gamers, dealing with your boosting process can’t get all the required keys to get the job done. In this case process can take a little bit longer. But still we can guarantee that boosting process would be held within given deadline.