Glory Of The Wartorn Hero

  • $79.00

Enjoy your World Of Warcraft game process even more, with our service for quick boost of Glory Of The Wartorn Hero. We deal with the most difficult part – getting achievements that affect further gameplay.

What do we offer?

Besides the achievement itself (Glory of The Wartorn Hero) our customers also can get an additional mount. In this case it’s a mount, called Reins of the Obsidian Krolusk.

Boosting progress and finishing the work is usually done within 2 days, in rare cases – up to 3, but not more than that. You can check the schedule at any time during the Raid, so you can get a better understanding of how close your boosting is.

We never work with cheating software, as it would always be unfolded and lead to permanent long-term or even constant ban and losing all the achievements of the profile. So we do our work professionally, without any attempts to cheat and do something unfair to our customers.

As a prove, we can give screenshots of the Raid progress at any account owner request. Also, you can watch the process yourself, via online stream, available all the time throughout we use your account to boost it. We’ve got nothing to hide from our customers, so everything is fair and clear.