Glory Of The Shadowlands Hero

  • $199.00

Our service gives you a chance to increase the level of fun, while playing World of Warcraft. This is the boost for Glory of the Shadowlands hero. We are here to provide you with everything you need to enjoy game process instead of constant unsuccessful attempts of manual leveling your character up.

General offer overview

The Kaal-ed Shot is an interesting kind of personal achievements. Getting it manually during game process is pretty much tricky. To get it, player needs to kill the boss exactly at the time of being affected by his strong ability, which is if not impossible, but close to that.

Our service includes at least 3 attempts of trying to kill this boss and get the achievement. But this goes to a usual offer with a standard price. But if you’re not that sure that 3 attempts are enough to finish the boss and get things done, there’s an additional option. It would increase the price of the offer, but on the other hand – it gives a guarantee of getting the achievement at any conditions

Glory of The Shadowlands Hero is a huge meta-achievement, including 24 other achievements. Achievement is pretty much tricky and not the easiest one to get, for example because all 24 should be done at Mythic level of difficulty. So that’s why boosting process can take us up to 3 days. But in case starting conditions allow, it can take less, even within a single day after purchase.

All the working process can be streamed, so that account owner would see every single moment. This is the way for us to prove, that everything is done on a fair and legal ground, without attempts to cheat. It’s important, as cheating would later be revealed, and the consequences are nothing but long-term bans. Another way to prove that we do everything fairly – screenshots of the game process, giving you at any request after the job is done.

Also, activating Self-Play option gives a chance not only watch, but play yourself. In such a case we would provide you with the best possible teammates, so nothing can go wrong during the run.

Otherwise, if Self-Mode option was not selected, character would be played by our player, from staff of experienced professional gamers. In such a case you must be ready to give an access to your profile, which for the upcoming 1-3 days would be unplayable. But during this time you can sit back, turn the stream on and enjoy the process of your character boosting by professionals.

What’s required?

Apart from character with at least 60 lvl, this boosting service requires at least 160 item level. By the way, in the both cases we have additional services for those, who for a moment can’t reach the level limit. These are the Powerleveling and Full Gear services, accordingly.

Playing in Piloted mode also requires access to your profile (login and password). You shouldn’t worry, as your account would still remain under protection of control secret question and it’s answer (which we never ask for our work, as we simply don’t need it to perform our boosting aim). By the way, if someone asks you to say a secret question and answer, be careful and aware of frauds.