Glory Of The Pandaria Hero

  • $45.00

Any World of Warcraft player can enjoy Glory of the Pandaria even more, with our special boosting service. Just purchase and make your future play simpler, so you can concentrate on just having fun during the game process.

What do we offer?

Right after making a purchase, any WoW fan would get an achievement, called Glory of the Pandaria Hero. But it’s not the only thing to get. Also, each customer would receive a mount. In this case, it’s “Reins of the Crimson Cloud Serpent”.

The process of boosting would take us not less than 2 days, sometimes even faster. All the work, at each stage, is done only manually. In practice, it means that we never involve any of those automatic programs or bots, which are completely illegal and can lead to a long-lasting ban.

The service is held only with account sharing, with the help of a reliable VPN source from each customer’s origin country.

What is required?

Using this service requires having a character with at least 60 lvl. But don’t be afraid, even if your favorite character that you would like to boost more doesn’t meet this requirement, you can still use our service. It can be done in advance by using Powerleveling, thus increasing your character’s level up to number 60.