Glory of the Legion Hero

  • $49.00

We’re glad to introduce you Glory Of The Legion Hero boost service for your WoW account. Let’s take a brief look at this offer.

What’s inside?

Besides the achievement itself, after getting the job done, our customers also get 2 mounts: Hippogryph and Leyfeather.

All the process takes up to 4 days, but more likely it is 2 or 3. Everything is done only with the help of experience and quality of our professional players. We never use cheating soft for automatic leveling or anything of that illegal nature. Using such services in a very short time can be tracked and would lead to a long-term ban.


The first and the most obvious requirement – active WoW account. For the time of completing your order, we need a login and password from it. Within this time unfortunately you wouldn’t have a chance to play. But at the end of the process, you will get your access back, with your favorite character, boosted to any required level.

Speaking about required level – this achievement requires having maximum possible character level. It’s not easy to reach yourself and it takes a lot of time and effort. So you can order leveling at our service to do it way faster. Gear level is not important for this particular achievement.