Glory Of The Draenor Hero

  • $49.00

We are ready to introduce a fast and reliable boosting service for your Glory Of The Draenor Hero. Let’s take a closer look at this offer.

What’s offered?

Besides the achievement itself, after our work is done, player also gets Frostplains Battleboard mount, given as a prize. And even more! Activating an option called “Extra Dungeon Draenor Achieves” would add some extra achievements, that are not presented in the main one.

Boosting process would take us not more than 3 days, sometimes less, depending on starting character level and some other important skills. For that time account becomes unavailable to use for a manual playing. But it is worth it, as in such a quick time player gets a tricky achievement, which is never easy to get while playing yourself.

Main requirements

Using our service requires having a character with at least 60 level. Otherwise, you can always use Powerlevelling, to reach level 60 way faster than you would do it manually.

Within working on your boosting, we need to have access to your profile. For this time, you won’t be able to use it for playing yourself. We try to do everything as quick as possible so that you can have your account back and ready to enjoy with character boosted.