Glory of The Cataclysm Hero

  • $20.00

This is where you have a great chance to buy a boost for your hero in the game World Of Warcaft Glory Of The Cataclysm.

What's inside the pack?

This particular service, used for account boosting provides players and our customers with achievement Glory of the Cataclysm Hero. With this, you are also going to get the mount. The offered boost is ready to use in a short period of time, usually within 2 days.

If you would activate the option, which is called “Extra Dungeon Cata Achieves” while purchasing, you have an opportunity to get there some additional specific achievements, which are all not put into the basic pack of achievements of the original game.

Also, important to notice, that while developing and creating this boost, there were neither additional automatic software nor bots used, everything is done only with the help of our hard work.

In case the account is shared, to get the things done we are going to use a stable VPN from your country or place. The service is available for use with only account sharing.

What is required to use it?

The boosted character should have at least 60 level. If for a moment of buying you didn’t reach that one, you can always use another option from our service, called Powerleveling.

Another required thing here – full access, given to our specialists to your profile for a certain period of time. It actually means that the account will be used by our specialists, and you are not able to use it for playing, while we do our work.

All you need to do for giving access to us is just enter your privacy settings and remove the authentication, or cancel security mode. You should realize that anyway it’s still safe, while the profile would still remain being under strong protection. It is done with the help of a secret question, which we don’t need and don't ask the answer for our work.