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Arena Rating 2v2 Boost PvP Service

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Who has time for struggling through 2v2 PVP? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could help you fight your way through rating so that you could get your hands on nice loot earlier? Well, that’s exactly what this service is all about. In exchange for your money, we’ll make sure you level up faster than you would otherwise.

PVP rating is important for getting powerful gear and leveling up as a consequence. For instance, if you reach 1400 rating, you’ll be able to wear items of 207th total level. For 2100 rating, the number is 226.

So, you get the idea of how powerful you’ll become if you buy leveling up to even 1400 of rating.

If you want to make your character truly powerful, the PVP Arena is an absolutely mandatory ordeal. By climbing high enough, you’ll be able to claim rewards, trophies associated with the Arena and prestige. That’s exactly why it’s so popular. Not everyone can be on top at the same time, however. The rating can be easily lost.

If you aren’t prepared for the ranked games, you may get stuck on one rating stage for a long time, simply because you keep winning and then losing once you get high enough. Arena is much simpler if you can coordinate your play with someone familiar – even more so if he’s a veteran player. And we have a lot of them on sale, in fact.

What you need to have:

  • Max-level World of Warcraft account;
  • Total item level above 200 for the first two stages;
  • Total item level above 210 for the last two stages;
  • Proper Internet connection and some dedication – you need to always be present if it’s Self-Play

What you should remember:

  • If you want to be upgraded from before 1400 to 2100, then your upgrading will be divided into the stages of 2100, 1800, 1600 and 1400. If, for some reason, we only reach 2000 when you requested 2100 – you’ll get a refund for this last stage, but not everything else;
  • This service can be dangerous. Although this is a professional-grade business, the activity may be noticed by the devs. We take this very seriously, but you just can’t be 100% when buying a leveling-up service;
  • You can pick either a Pilot or a Self-Play version. Pilot is us borrowing your account to play on your behalf. Self-Play is us finding a top player to guide you through the fights;
  • The cost may vary based on what level you want reached, how quickly you want it reached, and what sort of play you want. Self-Play is rather more expensive, and the price on it can vary;
  • The service will take 1-2 days


  • Select all the necessary parameters and order the service;
  • Wait until we get in touch with you and get everything straight, only then will you be able to finally agree to the service. If you don’t feel like the service is what you wanted, you can absolutely reverse the service;
  • Join the Discord server we launched specifically to be in touch with you. Here, you’ll be able to get all sorts of information that interests you as well as see how the Piloted run goes;
  • Pick a player with the most comfortable schedule for you;
  • Request a broadcast of everything we do with your account (optional);
  • Leave a good review about us (optional but welcome).