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Buy 1500 Raider IO score boost

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Buy 1500 Raider IO score boost

Raider.io is a website where you can check Mythic+ progress of any player. You need a good RIO score to get into a good guild. But farming it takes a lot of time and energy. If you don’t want to spend it searching for a good team, you may buy 1500 Raider IO score boost so it will be much easier.

What is Mythic+

Mythic+ is a system with an endlessly scaling enemies. After completing the Mythic+ dungeon players receive the rewards according to the difficulty level and time they spend on finishing it (did they do it in time or not). In the end of the week players get rewards that are increasing proportionally with the level of dungeon (for example: completing Mythic+3 level will provide you with a 380 gear).

If you want to start a Mythic+ dungeon, you need a Mythic Keystone which you can get by killing the specific boss or get it in the end of the week if you completed the run before. In the end of the run players get final treasure chest. Items from it are spread among all the members of the group that completed the run. In the end of the week player receive the special chest with the rewards (they can get it in Dazar’alor or Boralus, depending on the class). It will have 1 gear item for sure. And the ilvl depends on the level of the instance you completed.

What is our offer

We want to help you to pass these dungeons, so you can get the best gear possible. We have two options for you:

  • Self-play mode. You will play on your own account, but you will be helped by our team. We will need some time to get the Keystone. Once you buy 1500 Raider IO score boost, we will add you on our Discord server, so you can be in contact with our boosters. And after this we will start the run, trying to make it in the estimated time to get the best loot possible.
  • Piloted mode. If you choose this mode, you should give us your username and password so the member of our team can log in as your character. We use VPN and other software to make sure everything is safe. Only you and the booster will have your username and password, so nobody else would be able to take your account. We provide the maximum security, because we care about our customers.

You may be sure that we are not using any illegal services (such as bots or scripts), so you are safe from banning. Only legit gameplay by the best players we can offer! You can check the process on stream if you want to ensure yourself that everything is fine. We will be always in contact with you if you have any questions.