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Buy 1000 Raider IO score boost

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Buy 1000 Raider IO score boost

Players nowadays check Raider IO score to decide if they want to invite somebody to their team to complete other dungeons. Score grows bigger when you finish the instances. You may check your own progress and the progress of other players on the special website – raider.io.

What do we offer

If you buy 1000 Raider IO score boost you will have a lot of good gear and eventually join a good team. You will complete Mythic+ instances with our help so your RIO will grow. You can either play your character by yourself or give us your username and password, so we can boost it on our own. You may not worry about your account, because we don’t share this information with anyone but the booster.

You should know that Mythic+ dungeons are very hard to complete without good support. But the rewards surely worth it. Also you could get Azerite that helps to grow Heart of Azeroth. In order of getting the best loot, players have to pass the instances under some certain conditions. You need to choose hard difficulty to get the best gear. But you need to get the Mythic Keystones to begin the run. You have to kill the last boss in a Mythic+0 instance or find a character that has it already to join his group or participate in this kind of activity last week.

Our team makes the process much easier. If you buy 1000 Raider IO score boost then you won’t need to search for a group to run the dungeon or get the key, because we will do everything for you. But you should know that we might need some time to get the Keystone (it takes up to 3 days).

If you finish all the instances on the high level (15 to be precise), you will get an epic mount (Awakened Mindborer). Also your RIO will be high, so it will show everybody around that you’re a good player, so you can join their team.

Why you should choose us:

  • Fast boosting;
  • High quality loot;
  • High level rewards from the weekly chest, because they depend on the level of the instance you did.

In the end you will get a good RIO so you can join a raiding guild. Eventually you will be able to organize the runs by yourself.

What is Mythic+

It’s a challenge for the WoW players with great rewards and an increased difficulty level. It has different levels that not only influence the difficulty of the run, but the rewards you get in the end. After finishing Mythic+10 you will get 400 ilvl. Also you should know that every week has it’s own set of affixes that may totally change the action of enemies during the run that increases the difficulty a lot.